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'stand on' MINI DUMPER 800kg

TuffTruck EB-800 SIDE.jpg

£17,000 + VAT


The new Electric EB800 ‘Stand-On’ mini dumper - a battery powered mini dumper that provides maximum versatility and light touch operation.

The EB800 has great payload to machine weight ratio - 800kg payload, 500kg machine. Offering excellent load capacity and productivity.

Fold-down rear step for operator comfort on large sites.

  • Battery powered driveline, with hydraulic power tipping, fast tipping cycle.

  • Quick change attachments - flatbeds and skips (no tools required).

  • Maximum maneuverability - articulated chassis design

  • Zero emissions.

Oh yes, they are made in the UK!

Who likes options?


Working on fragile surfaces like lawns or sports grounds then choose turf tyres. Working in fields or breaking ground on a house extension project then the mud tyre will give you the traction needed to work in all conditions. If you work with both why not get a set of each tyre as they are quick and simple to change. 

The flatbed with log poles option is made from a heavy-duty composite, slip resistant material and built to withstand tough knocks and sharp edges. Ideal for carrying logs, bagged materials or a great place to sit come brew time.

Truxta 4X4 Tyre Selection.jpg

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